From the day of surgery. 6/20/2016

Just a quick update for those of you that have been following our precious girls. Praise GOD! Our girls had their separation surgery today. Took them in at 7:45am. First cut was around 10:30, and we got a phone update that by 1:18 they were in separate operating rooms! In their respective rooms by 3:08pm. They are such strong fighters. Have beat the odds at every turn. They have come through the surgery, and the doctors say they are doing well, but the first 48 hours are critical. Savannah pretty much looks like her old self, and Scarlett is very swollen. Please continue to pray for them, the prayers are working! God is so great!

Below, pictures of their hearts, made by a 3D printer, to scale, held by their surgeon.  Together, then apart.  

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