Malian woman expecting septuplets gave birth to nine babies

Without a doubt, the news of the day leaves us speechless. Halima Cissé, a 25-year-old woman from Timbuktu (Mali) gave birth to nine babies yesterday in Morocco, where she was transferred to be treated for her risky pregnancy.

The ultrasounds showed seven babies, but two more arrived: there are five girls and four boys who were born by cesarean section and all are well, according to the Malian Minister of Health.

The mother gave birth by caesarean section to “nine babies instead of seven announced by the results of ultrasounds carried out in both Mali and Morocco,” the ministry said in a statement.

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The babies were born in Morocco, where the Malian government airlifted the mother on March 30 for care after doctors decided she needed specialized neonatal care.

We do not know the weeks of gestation or the weight of the babies at birth, as well as how they were conceived. Surely the product of a fertility treatment, since it is practically impossible for the conception of nine embryos to occur naturally.

It is expected that in the next few weeks they will all be able to return home. Although doctors want to be cautious about the chances of survival of all babies, as it is an extremely rare multiple birth .

This is now the life of Nadya Suleman, the one who was the most famous mother of octuplets in the world 

This is now the life of Nadya Suleman, the one who was the most famous mother of octuplets in the world

Nonillizos, a world record


The birth of nonuplets (nine babies in the same delivery) is absolutely exceptional and risky, due to the complications that can occur during and after birth, both for the mother and the babies.

In 2012, the news of a pregnant woman with nine babies emerged , but it turned out to be a lie .

The largest multiple births in which babies have survived can be found in the Guinness Book of Records. This is the case of the American Nadya Suleman, who in January 2009 gave birth to octuplets .

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