To be continued…

This will be my last baby(s) related post until they are stabilized after birth (fingers crossed), and potentially longer. The hospital has concerns about media bombarding us at the hospital, and wants us to go radio silent to prevent as much as they can. Please still pray for us and keep us in your thoughts next week. Yesterday’s appointments went well. The girls are over 5 lbs. Each and still growing. Active and seemingly healthy. My girls are so strong. Here’s a lovely picture of Scarlett. Savannah would not cooperate, and hid her face. Thanks everyone for all the love on this journey so far. Hope to update you on the other side with even greater news. So excited to see and hold my girls. God is great.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Ph 4:13

P.S.  I know it will be killing my mother not to post pics and updates that day, keep her in your thoughts as well.  🙂

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