Childbirth is a long-awaited moment during pregnancy, especially in the final stretc

Childbirth is a long-awaited moment during pregnancy, especially in the final stretch, but it is also one of the most doubts and fears that women can feel. These fears regularly appear in new mothers, but they are also frequent in those who are expecting twins or twins for the first time.

Therefore, today we want to share information about this type of childbirth, whether you are expecting twins, twins or more babies, and you have in your hands everything you need to know about multiple births.

How long does a multiple pregnancy last?

A pregnancy in which two or more babies are expected has a higher risk of ending in preterm labor. Unlike those in which only one baby is expected and the ideal is to reach 40 weeks, in a multiple pregnancy the duration is shorter.

Twin pregnancy: the most common discomforts in each trimester and how to alleviate them

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Twin pregnancy: the most common discomforts in each trimester and how to alleviate them

In general, in the case of a twin pregnancy where everything goes well, the average duration is 37 weeks, a very ideal duration to give birth according to studies, while in the case of triplets the duration of the pregnancy can be shortened even more , being the average 34 weeks, and in the case of quadruplets 32 weeks.

During the last weeks it is very important to attend all medical appointments and follow the doctor’s instructions, to make sure that the babies are developing well and that there are no complications, since in a multiple pregnancy the probability of these increases.

Vaginal delivery or cesarean section?

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Previously it was thought that twin or multiple deliveries should always be by cesarean section, but studies conducted in recent years have shown that a multiple pregnancy does not have to end in a cesarean section.

In the case of twins, for example, a vaginal delivery is safer for them than a cesarean section, since when they were born vaginally, the risk of birth morbidity was much lower for both babies.

Another study conducted in twin pregnancies found that cesarean section does not really provide any benefit over vaginal delivery, and that it does not represent a significant increase or decrease in the risk of fetal or neonatal death compared to vaginal delivery.

Therefore, if the pregnancy proceeds normally, without complications and if the first baby is embedded (that is, head down and ready to be born), a vaginal delivery will be the best option. Cesarean section should only be done in case of emergency or complications.

Most frequent complications

Just as in the pregnancy of twins the risk of presenting a complication such as premature delivery or low birth weight is higher than in a simple pregnancy, there is also a greater possibility of a complication occurring before or during delivery. These are the most frequent:

    Fetal position. As we mentioned, one of the conditions for attempting a vaginal delivery in the case of a multiple pregnancy is that the first baby is placed correctly. If one or both babies are crossed and not in the proper position, a C-section will most likely need to be performed.

    Tangled or braided umbilical cords. This is particularly the case in babies of a MoMo (monochorionic monoamniotic) pregnancy, since sharing the placenta and amniotic sac there is an increased risk of the umbilical cords becoming intertwined. In this type of pregnancy, a cesarean section is required.

    Cord compression. Related to the previous point, this is also a possible complication of a multiple pregnancy and delivery, since when both babies move it is possible that one of them compresses one of the cords, preventing the passage of blood, oxygen and nutrients.

    Complications of the placenta. As in a simple pregnancy, some complications of the placenta can occur, such as placenta previa (when it implants over the internal cervical os, in the lower part of the uterus) and placental abruption, a serious condition that can occur when the The first baby has already been born, but the second has not.

Most common complications in twin pregnancy

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  • Most common complications in twin pregnancy
  • The duration of twin delivery
  • Childbirth Accompaniment

Although the phases of labor are the same in single and multiple pregnancies, the length of a labor varies greatly from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy, regardless of whether one or more babies are expected.

The fact of being a multiple pregnancy does not mean that the delivery in general will be longer, however the expulsion phase will be longer and will take twice as long, since two babies are born.

In the case of a vaginal delivery, the interval between the birth of the first and second babies is usually less than an hour. If it takes longer, the doctor will have to make a decision and In light of the mother and baby situation, a cesarean section will be performed.

On very special occasions and under certain circumstances, it is possible that a deferred delivery occurs, that is, that babies are born on different days. This can happen naturally, when contractions stop after the first baby is born (which is very, very rare, but it has happened), or for medical reasons, such as improving the prognosis of the second baby in the event of a delivery. premature.

In all cases, the risks and benefits must be analyzed by the medical staff, who will make the best decision for the mother and children.

Tips to prepare for a multiple birth

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The moment of delivery is one that can scare or make many women nervous, and in the case of those who are expecting more than one baby, the doubts and fears are usually greater. Therefore, it is important to prepare properly for a multiple birth and thus do everything possible to enjoy the birth of your babies.

Something that helps a lot is having a support network. Whether it’s your partner or family, being with someone during the time of delivery will make you feel calmer by having someone around you who offers you continuous support.

You can also have various options ready to help you relax when the big day arrives, such as listening to soft music or practicing a breathing or relaxation technique.

Three things to ask your birth medical team

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Three things to ask your birth medical team

And of course, the most important thing is to have a doctor you trust and who makes you feel safe. Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you consider necessary and ask him to explain all the possible scenarios that may arise during labor, so that you are prepared in advance in case you have to make decisions or change the initial plan.

We hope that with this information about multiple births it will help you know what to expect and solve your doubts about the delivery of twins.

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